The Promise of Nanba Movement

What if you could achieve a quantum leap in physical performance, simply by correctly integrating your body movements? Imagine being able to release tension and move with physical finesse? Stand without fatigue. Make a better impression. This is the promise of Nanba movement.

Nanba Balance Exercises

Modern life grants us many conveniences, but they come with a price. The more we allow computers and automated systems to direct our lives, the more sedentary we become. An inactive Mind and Body easy falls out of balance, and is more susceptible to injury, disease, and aging.

Learn 12 Nanba Balance Exercises which can be performed in a few minutes, which can relax, untwist, and reconnect your body. 

Nanba Flow Movements

You don't have to be an athlete or a dancer to experience Flow in movement. However without such a discipline it is easy to fall into habits of disconnected or lethargic movement. 

Learn 7 Nanba Flow Movements which can be performed in less than ten minutes which can improve your circulation, release stress, and help you enjoy renewed energy and finesse in your movements.

Nanba Walking

Urban life has not only made us more sedentary, it has also limited or removed many of our opportunities to walk in nature, and time to walk for discovery and reflection. If you observe how people walk, you see that they truly carry their burdens with them.

Walking is the best way to restore balance in your body and clarity in your mind. However, modern walking is often hurried and disconnected. Learn the Art of Nanba Walking, which is centered and graceful, and helps you discover the pleasure of walking the way we were meant to.


Restoring Natural Body Movements Through Nanba


This is a TEDx Talk by William Reed delivered in English in Norway, showing how Nanba can save us from the harmful effects of a sedentary existence.


Nanba: The Art of Physical Finesse


This is a TEDx Talk by William Reed delivered in Japan and in Japanese, with English Subtitles, showing how Nanba Movements and Nanba Walking give us more finesse and better performance in Life.

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Get off of your seat and onto your feet. Reclaim your Energy through Balance, Flow, and Natural Movement.


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