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NANBA Dynamics: The Japanese Art of Physical Finesse is a 20 Session Online Course designed to teach you the fundamental practices of NANBA to achieve Balance, Flow, and Natural Movement, and how to break free of a sedentary life by reconnecting with Nature. Watch my TEDxKG talk on NANBA: the Art of Physical Finesse, for a preview. (in Japanese, but with English subtitles)

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NANBA Dynamics Online contains 20 Lessons, including Course Introduction, NANBA Applications, Principles and Practice, NANBA Balance, Flow, Walking, NANBA Notebook, and Advanced Tips, as well as an invitation to the NANBA Dynamics Facebook Group with monthly Facebook Live Interactions.

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NANBA Balance Exercises will free you from the harmful effects of sedentary life or over-practice, by giving you techniques to balance and tune your body before and after long work sessions.

Accelerated Mastery

NANBA Flow Exercises will help you achieve Mastery by fully engaging your body with natural movement that can increase your energy and free your creative expression.

Enhanced Energy

NANBA Walking is the best way to restore balance and energy in your body. Learn the Art of Walking which is centered and graceful, clears your mind of clutter, and helps you rediscover the pleasure of walking.

Thanks to Shihan Reed’s course, I am looking forward to each of my Nanba walks, where I reconnect with myself and Nature around me. The course is full of inspiring stories, practical exercices described on video as well as on paper, and teachings that you can apply to your daily walks. I have the feeling of practicing an authentic Samurai art, thanks to Shihan Reed’s will to share some otherwise unaccessible knowledge for us in the West.

~Gabriel Huot

NANBA Balance and Flow

See how NANBA Dynamics can help transform your Life through Self-Tuning, Accelerated Mastery, and Enhanced Performance.

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